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Travel restrictions and fuel restrictions are in place as flood-stricken Canada grapples with supply issues

Canada Rainfall: Heavy rains caused landslides and flooding in southwestern British Columbia.


Flood-stricken western officials As the region suffers from supply issues, Canada announced travel and fuel restrictions on Friday, the latest in a long list of problems brought on by severe rains.

Flooding and landslides wreaked on roads and infrastructure in southwestern British Columbia on Sunday and Monday, forcing the Trans Mountain pipeline to be temporarily shut down.

At a press conference, Mike Farnworth, the province’s public safety minister, said, “We’re encouraging people to reduce their gasoline use and vehicle travel at this time, and we’re putting in place orders under the provincial state of emergency; to facilitate this.”

Individuals will be unable to purchase more than 30 litres (eight gallons) of gasoline at the pump.

“We’re asking people not to travel into severely affected areas,” Farnworth added, “not only for their personal safety but also to ensure that the fuel we do have goes toward the services people need during this time of crisis.”

“These measures will keep commercial traffic moving, stabilise our supply chains, and ensure that everyone arrives home safely,” he continued.

Authorities are still looking for four people in the Pemberton area, where a woman’s body was discovered by aid workers earlier this week.

The army, which has been activated since Wednesday, is working to clear roads and construct a new level in the town of Abbotsford, which was largely submerged and may be subject to more rain anticipated for next week.

Pamela Hogan, a public affairs officer of the Canadian Armed Forces, told AFP that “pretty much every army base in the country is standing by to be ready to deploy if they have to.”

“Members of the Canadian Armed Forces will be aiding the civilian engineers in charge of the dike construction,” she stated.

Next week, heavy rains are likely to return to the area.

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