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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Omicron in the United Kingdom: A “Bigger Wave” is on the way; an alert has been issued in London

Omicron in the United Kingdom: A "Bigger Wave" is on the way; an alert has been issued in London

According to the UK Health Security Agency, the number of Omicron cases recorded across the country reached nearly 25,000 on Friday, up from more than 10,000 cases just 24 hours earlier.


On Saturday, the United Kingdom reported an increase in cases of the Omicron coronavirus variety, which government officials indicated could be only the beginning, and London’s mayor declared a “major emergency” to help the city’s hospitals deal.

According to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), the number of Omicron cases documented across the country reached nearly 25,000 as of 1800 GMT on Friday, up from more than 10,000 instances just 24 hours earlier.

As of Thursday, seven patients suspected to have the Omicron variant have died, up from one death in the UKHSA’s prior statistics, which covered the period from Tuesday to Thursday. People suspected of having the variation were admitted to the hospital in greater numbers, up from 65 to 85.

The government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) stated it was “almost certain” that hundreds of thousands of people were infected with the variation every day and that the stats were missing them.

In the minutes of a meeting on Dec. 16, SAGE noted that without the further tightening of COVID-19 restrictions, “modelling implies a peak of at least 3,000 hospital admissions per day in England.”

Daily hospital admissions in the United Kingdom as a whole soared above 4,000 in January, before Britain’s vaccine effort gained traction.

Omicron cases

Some of the efforts Prime Minister Boris Johnson has taken so far to try to stop COVID-19’s newest spread have sparked a revolt in his ruling Conservative Party. On Saturday, a tabloid reported that David Frost, Johnson’s Brexit minister, had quit in part due to the new requirements.

The experts stated it was too soon to judge the severity of the disease produced by Omicron, but even if there was a small drop in infection rates compared to the Delta version, “extremely high numbers of infections would still put enormous strain on hospitals.”

As COVID-19 hospital admissions in the city increased by roughly 30% this week, London Mayor Sadiq Khan declared a “major incident,” allowing for greater coordination between public agencies and maybe more central government intervention.

He also claimed that healthcare worker absenteeism had increased.

He stated, “This is a sign of how serious things are.”

In January, Khan, a member of the opposition Labour Party, declared a serious emergency when the number of COVID-19 cases threatened to overrun hospitals.

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