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Thursday, September 28, 2023

In new talks in Qatar, the Taliban are seeking assistance in running Afghanistan’s airports

According to the statement, the Taliban underlined their commitment to preserving human rights “As per Islamic principles” and welcomed the return of diplomatic offices that had been closed.

According to an EU statement issued late Sunday, the Taliban sought assistance in keeping Afghanistan’s airports operational during weekend meetings with EU officials, highlighting “grave concern” about the country’s humanitarian situation.

Both parties dispatched senior officials to Doha, Qatar’s capital, for the meetings, which came days before the US and Taliban began two weeks of talks in Doha on Monday.

Interim foreign minister Amir Khan Mutaqqi led the Taliban group, which included interim ministers of education and health, the acting central bank governor, officials from the foreign, finance, and interior ministries, and the intelligence directorate.

‘Worsening humanitarian situation’

According to the EU statement, the Taliban committed to keeping their promise of “amnesty” for Afghans who worked against them throughout the two decades of Western-oriented government up until the quick pullout and evacuation by the United States and its allies in August.

The Taliban reaffirmed their commitment to enable Afghans and foreigners to depart if they so desire but “asked aid for maintaining airport operations” to do so.

“As winter approaches, the two parties voiced great concern about the growing humanitarian situation in Afghanistan,” adding in the statement that the EU would continue to provide humanitarian supplies.

The EU encouraged the Taliban to form an “inclusive government,” promote democracy, give equal access to education for girls, and avoid Afghanistan from becoming a base for any group “that threatens the security of others.”

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