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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Malaysia is expected to reopen to foreign visitors on January 1st

Malaysia is preparing to reopen its borders to overseas travellers as early as January 1st.

According to a government advisory council, the decision comes as the country tries to revitalise its faltering tourism industry.

According to reports, the Southeast Asian country has been progressively reopening its economy in recent weeks as COVID infection rates have decreased due to a stepped-up vaccine campaign.

According to government figures, more than three-quarters of Malaysia’s 32 million people have been vaccinated.

Former Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, who chairs a committee tasked with directing Malaysia’s economic recovery effort, said the tourism industry was rebounding, but at a slow pace, without foreign visitors, and that operators needed time to begin operations.

Mr Muhyiddin went on to say that infection control measures, such as COVID-19 testing, will continue in place, but that authorities will decide whether or not to allow travellers into the country based on the COVID-19 situation in the country of origin, as well as other reasons.

When it happened to the reopening of the borders, he did not give a specific timetable but did say that it would be revealed soon. And said security and health officials were still looking over the decision.

Malaysia is also said to have stated this week that, starting November 29, it will open a vaccinated travel lane with Singapore, which will allow inoculated travellers from both countries to travel without having to go through quarantine. It has said that it will gradually establish a similar transit corridor with Indonesia.

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