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What will Canada do about Huawei now that it is preparing to reveal its 5G network policy?

Three of Canada’s closest allies have already imposed restrictions on Huawei’s use.

As the Progressive government plans to announce its policy on next-generation mobile networks, worldwide security experts predict that Huawei Technologies will be left out of the long-awaited blueprint.

As more appliances connect to the internet and innovations such as virtual reality, immersive gaming, and driverless vehicles emerge, the development of 5G, or fifth-generation, networks will give users faster Internet connections and supply massive data capacity to meet the insatiable demand.

The Conservatives have long pressured the Liberals to deny Huawei a part in creating Canada’s 5G infrastructure, claiming that doing so would make it easier for Beijing to spy on Canadians.


Some believe Huawei’s participation will give it access to a wealth of digital data about how, when, and where Canadians use internet-connected devices. As a result, Chinese security services could force the corporation to hand up personal data, according to the theory.

The fact that China’s National Intelligence Law states that Chinese organisations and citizens must support, help, and cooperate with official intelligence activity raises these issues.

Huawei claims to be a fiercely independent company that does not conduct espionage on behalf of anyone, including Beijing.

Huawei Canada’s vice-president of corporate relations, Alykhan Velshi, remarked, “We sell in 180 countries across the world.” “Each of those countries has its own set of laws that we must follow. And if we broke the trust, we’d be limited to only selling in one country.”

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