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This YouTube star and social media celebrity has crossed over 3.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel

Passion is the genesis of a genius, and one such passionate entrepreneur in the YouTube industry is Hayden Joseph Branigan a.k.a Tofuu

Tofuu was born in Sun Valley, Idaho, USA, on 1 November 1998 and is popular with his YouTube channel, where he mostly uploads “Minecraft” and “Roblox” videos. He’s always been a smiling child with a motivated mind. Tofuu has developed a small audience, including video games, merchandise, and video content, into a multi-business platform. In the initial years, the primary subject of his videos was Minecraft and Lego but he also made videos on other games. On Tofuu’s first YouTube channel, there were mainly LEGO videos, and reviews of LEGO Toys, and not only that, but he also taught people how to use LEGO. Tofuu did not reveal his face online until 12 April 2015 as he preferred to stay secretive. He joined the “Cube SMP” series and took some time off from his personal channel as he decided to concentrate on the series entirely, marking the start of his “Roblox” videos at the end of the series.

Although “Minecraft” videos were still uploaded, he was more focused on uploading “Roblox” gameplays and tutorials, and slowly stopped uploading the latter. His channel now has almost 3.5 million viewers, and all his videos have almost 700 million views combined. He says, “analytics and fan interaction are my real motivation. I love seeing the changes in a video performance after I analysed what my viewers liked and didn’t.” On 9 July 2018, Tofuu also launched a secondary YouTube channel, which is called ‘JoeG’, which he uses to share his everyday life with his fans as a vlogging channel. So far there are almost 40,000 subscribers and more than 8,50,000 viewers on all of his videos combined.

Having achieved success at a very young age, he says, “I have met some of the greatest minds in this space and felt unimpressed with their achievements because they are not the image they portray. Real success is from the individual’s mindset and ability to apply it. That is the success of the mind, which is everything.” Here’s wishing Tofuu all the best for his future endeavours. 

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