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The Beard Struggle has been consistently innovating in the men’s grooming industry to sustain & grow its position as a global company

Acing the game of the beard care industry is Faiysal Kothiwala’s The Beard Struggle.

There are numerous industries that have seen a consistent rise in their growth because of the dependence of people on those products or services or purely because of how individuals have grown the niche with their innovative strategies, marketing plans and unique product line that never fails to impress the customers. Similar is the scenario with the men’s grooming industry where every year, customers are greeted with new firms that promise to provide the best quality grooming products to them. When it comes to beard, it is an altogether different niche and companies have realized the exponential rise of the same. Hence, many have come forward with their distinctive products that aim to provide the best grooming experiences to men. The Beard Struggle tops the list of such firms under the leadership of ace entrepreneur Faiysal Kothiwala.

What began as a small brand in the year 2015 later became a global giant in the niche of beard care products, thanks to the relentless hard work and persistence of Faiysal Kothiwala whose visions and ideas made The Beard Struggle what it is today. It is a global company that already has 50 full-time employees, who look forward to come up with more different premium quality beard care products that can impress men across the world.

They also stand apart from the competition because they like to first see what the competition offers and then introduce products that go beyond all of that, enthralling customers to another level. Faiysal Kothiwala is highly driven by the idea of ‘people over profits’, where he believes in taking care of his customers and go above and beyond for their happiness. They also offer money-back guarantees, unlike their contemporaries. With the success they are enjoying with offering beard care products, their long term perspective is to launch other verticals as well under the banner of ‘Struggle’ like Hair Struggle and Skin Struggle, etc. as the company believes in helping struggling individuals in the grooming niche.

The Beard Struggle as an organization is passionate about the brand, brotherhood and the Viking culture. They have two warehouses, one in Canada and the other in the UK, which means they reach their customers faster, more efficiently with less loss. They are backed by more than 15,000 positive reviews, proving the prowess and efficiency of the brand.

This month, The Beard Struggle is also running a Yeard competition, the winner will get $10,000 Cash and award at the end of the year. In the next five years, the brand wishes to introduce many more product lines and in ten years have a stronger presence in the cosmetics industry. They also have Brand Viking Program that offers exclusive merch and products to their VIP customers. The brand is ahead in offering better discounts and free products as well to their customers.

To shop and gain more insights about the premium quality beard car products they sell, visit the website,

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