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Astonishing Drone With No Wings That Can Fly Anywhere

Drone With No Wings

Despite its small size, this UAV has robust monitoring systems for safe flight in limited spaces, including no exposed rotor blades.

If you’ve seen Star Wars, you’ve probably noticed the countless unmanned flying droids hovering around at various intervals, either spying on the enemy or transporting messages from one location to another.

Aside from Star Wars, practically every sci-fi film depicts a future filled with autonomous humanoids, flying spaceships, laser weaponry, and other futuristic technologies.

In actuality, these are almost non-existent. Advanced research for producing revolutionary technologies, on the other hand, appears to be steadily bringing inventive concepts into reality.

The Dronut X1, a bi-rotor ducted drone created by Boston-based robotics startup Cleo Robotics, is one such futuristic breakthrough.

Unlike traditional drones, the Dronut X1 navigates through the air without any exposed propellers, allowing it to fly in congested locations without fear of clashing with the environment.

The WiFi-operated drone’s thrust vector technology, which is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon, provides it with exceptional manoeuvrability, allowing the operator to focus solely on the task at hand. Installing the Dronut’s smartphone app allows it to be operated from an Android phone.

Drone With No Wings

The Dronut X1 has powerful algorithms and can capture high-definition LiDAR data at a stream frame rate of 30fps in challenging confined locations with low to negligible light thanks to its smart sensors, 4k cameras, and LED lamps.

The Dronut has a size of 6.5′′ × 4′′ (about 16.5 cm x 10 cm) and a weight of 15.5 oz (approximately 439 grammes), as well as a composite body that allows it to fly at a wind speed of 15 km/h up to a range of 1 km.

The Dronut X1 is entirely NDAA compliant and ideal for security and inspection applications, having been designed and built in the United States.

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