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A bobcat family in an Inglewood property puts on a performance for a Calgary naturalist

bobcat family

Brian Keating spent half an hour photographing a family of bobcats.

“It was mid-afternoon and I spotted some magpies, at least half a dozen, conducting what is known as mobbing behaviour’ through my upstairs bathroom window,” Calgary naturalist Brian Keating told The Homestretch.

“I take out my binoculars and begin scanning the spruce trees in my neighbour’s backyard for what I assumed was an owl. Then I spotted bobcat tracks in the fresh snow on the roof of my neighbour’s garden shed, as well as the identical tracks on the top of my fence, indicating that the cat had gained access to the roof.”

Three nearly-grown kittens, as well as their patient mother However, taking pictures through a closed window was not optimal.

“I hurriedly gathered my belongings and exited the building. I moved gently and quietly behind the six-foot solid fence, trying not to draw attention to myself. When I arrived at the place where I suspected the cats were, I stood straight and gazed over with the camera raised to my face, and there they were, two bobcats staring at me, completely indifferent but clearly intrigued.”

According to Keating, the cats forgot about him after a short while and went back to playing.

While peering through a hole in the fence, his wife discovered two more.

bobcat family

“We watched and photographed for at least 30 minutes in total. They vanished into the dense bush beside the river at one point, only to reappearance moments later “he stated

Bunnies, squirrels, and even domestic cats are prey for these felines, according to Keating.

Bobcats are double the size of a house cat, weighing up to 40 pounds (18 kilogrammes) on average but typically around 22 pounds (10 kilograms).

“Bigger dogs would have nothing to worry about because coyotes have been known to kill bobcats,” Keating said, “but tiny dogs could absolutely be kidnapped.”

Bobcats prefer hares, rabbits, mice, voles, and birds, especially geese, although they normally avoid humans, at least in cities.

There might be up to six kittens in a litter, but most litters have four.

“They are born in April or May and weaned after around two months. They travel with mum for three to five months before dispersing “he stated

As a result, he claims, seeing a family all together at this time is unusual.

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