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Why is Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani in the news in the United States?

The communications were released in advance of Elizabeth Holmes attempting to blame Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani for the company’s mismanagement.

Theranos Inc. founder Elizabeth Holmes’ text texts with former president Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, which were sometimes boring, sometimes cringeworthy, have been made public as part of her criminal fraud trial.

The texts were disclosed in preparation for Holmes attempting to blame Balwani for the company’s mismanagement. The texts, according to prosecutors, back up their claim that Balwani’s assertions to federal regulators about his responsibilities at Theranos were “untrustworthy” because they were tainted by his love for Holmes.

The two had a 12-year relationship, and on Monday, Holmes testified for the fourth time that Balwani had abused her sexually and emotionally for a decade. Today she will be subjected to cross-examination.

What Balwani and Holmes’ Text Messages Reveal

The letters provide a picture of the couple’s life: meeting reminders and staff attendance are mixed in with flight information and updates on a pet fish – as well as many sentiments of love.

Balwani is overbearing, frequently encouraging, advising, and praying for Holmes.

Balwani: I understand how difficult things are, but don’t give up on your aspirations. Keep your focus and fight on. Plan ahead, keep focused, stay organised, and maintain control. A single person with a strategy and the ability to carry it out can defeat an army.

Balwani: I understand what you’re thinking and feeling. Keep your thoughts in check and don’t let fear have the upper hand. Breathe and be aware of your breath every hour. Breathe out fear.

Holmes: This is fantastic.

“He doesn’t do this but we can ask,” he says in one exchange, suggesting Holmes meet one-on-one with self-help author and motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

Holmes’ comments, on the other hand, are frequently brief.

Balwani: I miss you with every breath and every cell in my body.

Holmes: Exactly the same.

In the exhibit’s materials, she uses the word “ditto” nine times.

Balwani: My family sends their love and prayers, and you have the prayers of tens of thousands of people.

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