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Saturday, September 23, 2023

The Olympics in Beijing are being “used as a political tool,” according to China, which is requesting Japan’s support


Diplomatic Boycott of the Beijing Olympics: The United States and other countries have announced a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics, accusing human rights violations.


On Thursday, China’s envoy to Japan, Kong Xuanyou, claimed the 2018 Beijing Winter Olympics had been “used as a political tool” and begged for Japan’s support, while simultaneously urging Tokyo not to interfere with Taiwan.

Members of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s Liberal Democratic Party (LPD) have called for a diplomatic boycott of the February Olympic Games in Beijing.

The US and other countries have launched a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics in protest of human rights violations in Hong Kong and China’s Xinjiang region, but Japan is yet to decide.

Kishida had declared earlier on Thursday that he has no plans to attend the Winter Olympics at this time, in a little milder tone.


“Unfortunately, there are some people in Japan who have a skewed perspective of China’s political system… and are propagating rumours about human rights in Xinjiang and Hong Kong,” Kong said, adding that the Olympics appeared to be being used as a “political tool.”

“Given China’s backing for Tokyo’s hosting of the Olympics, I believe Japan has genuine intentions for our Games.”

When it came to tensions over China’s claim to Taiwan, Kong was harsher. Tensions have increased as President Xi Jinping strives to push his country’s sovereignty claims over the democratically controlled island.

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated earlier this month that if China invaded Taiwan, Japan and the United States would not stand by, and Beijing needed to understand this.

China’s foreign ministry summoned Japan’s ambassador to Beijing for an “emergency meeting” in response to the remarks.

“Japan has recently made some unfriendly steps toward Taiwan, claiming that a Taiwan emergency is a Japanese emergency,” Kong stated.

“This is a one-sided provocation that we will not tolerate.”

Last week’s “Summit for Democracy,” sponsored by US President Joe Biden, was also criticised by Kong, who called the gathering “against democracy.”

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