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Haya Mostafa – Emerging As The No#1 Name In The Game Of Horse Riding

Haya has made his mark around the sport and is galloping fast towards more success.

The world of sports has introduced numerous champions who have done exceptionally well in their respective areas. Though every sport field is fiercely competitive, there are a few individuals who have risen to establish their name and make it to the top. Haya Mostafa is one such name who has made a headway in the sport of horse riding. Popularly known as a ‘cowgirl’ across Egypt, she has been able to grasp the sport well in her palms. At a young age, she has managed to qualify for the finals in competitions as an Egyptian equestrian.

Her performance on the track has amazed onlookers till no end, as her role as a show jumper has made her an extremely popular figure in the world of horse riding. Born on 1st August 1999, this 23-year-old has already attained fame and recognition, and is today known as a fine rider in the sport. She began horse riding at an early age of four and started jumping at twelve. Her interest towards the sport kept on increasing, and before she knew she was in the competitive arena taking part in shows.

Honing her skills to the maximum, she started participating in local shows and gradually started taking part in international shows as well. She even participated in the Show Jumping Cup in Germany and won 1st place 8 times in her home country. There are four horses she owns right now, the best one named Campari who participated with her in almost all major competitions. She retired him after 17 years of participating in competitive events, and is now placed at a farm, enjoying his retired life.

Trained by Captain Rasha Farouk and her husband, Captain Ahmed, Haya Mostafa has placed herself well in this field and is racing ahead at a fast pace to grab the number one position in this sport.

To know more, follow her on Instagram @haya

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