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Diemond Star Drumsticks are as Unique as the Name Implies

If you’re a drummer, you know that the sticks you play with are one of the most vital parts of your band’s sound. Bad sticks can break, and when they don’t stop the vibration that accompanies hitting the drum, they can be hard on your hands and wrists. Diemond Star is the fastest growing drumstick company, and they’ve worked tirelessly to produce the best sticks on the market.

Diemond Star’s drumsticks are shock absorbent, which makes them easier to play with and helps prevent hand and wrist fatigue. When you’re feeling great while you’re playing, you’ll produce a better sound. Each pair of drumsticks are pitch paired and weight matched. They’re made of premium American hickory, one of the most premium wood choices in the business.

I decided to call the company Diemond Star with an “e” because the shock “dies” out due to the premium American hickory material,” said founder Landon Hall.

“It’s an easy name to remember when you know what it means.” They don’t use traditional drumstick sizes, but design their sticks for versatility. Most of their drumsticks have a little extra length when compared to traditional drumstick sizes. “This allows drummers to achieve more reach, power, and better leverage.” Diemond Star drumsticks allow drummers to play beyond the ordinary. “There’s no stick that will make you feel as confident, whether you’re playing in your parents’ basement or on-stage.” Drummers across the globe are switching to Diemond Star in droves.

Diemond Star was founded by professional drummer Landon Hall in 2013. Not only did he have a passion for drums, but he had a passion for drumsticks. He wanted to start a company that would produce drumsticks beyond the ordinary sticks. When he was at a rock concert, he noticed that every drummer performing that night were doing a stick trick illusion involving the thumb and index finger holding the stick. “I thought it was cool and started doing it. It didn’t take me long to realize that a freeze frame of that trick was the perfect logo for my drumstick company.” Landon came up with the name “Diamond Star” at an early age when he was thinking of band names, but never suggested it to his band at the time because he wanted to name his drumstick company that. He made up the unique name “Diemond Star” because it goes perfect with unique drumsticks where the shock “dies” out. Since 2013, they’ve extended their products to brushes, stick bags, bass drum stickers, and merchandise. One of their newest offerings is their autograph pen. “Many drummers want to customize their sticks with their signatures, but this can be difficult and expensive to do if you want to have them printed.” Instead, you can simply purchase one of these pens and sign the sticks yourself. The marker won’t fade and fans would much rather have an authentic signature instead of a printed signature.

If you want to try the best drumsticks on the market right now, check out the Diemond Star brand online today.

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