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Daniel Boulud, a French chef from New York, was named World’s Best Chef

In terms of cooking and textures, Daniel Boulud’s food is French but with American ingredients and flavours.

New York: 

Les Grandes Tables du Monde named French chef Daniel Boulud, who has lived in New York for nearly 40 years, the best restaurateur in the world on Monday for his flagship restaurant “Daniel.”

The Lyon native, who relocated to New York in 1982, “embodies, for many North Americans, French gastronomy, or even gastronomy, period,” according to the network of 184 best restaurants worldwide.

Boulud, 66, describes his food as French in terms of cooking and textures but American in terms of ingredients and flavours. The chef has restaurants in the United States, Canada, Dubai, Singapore, and the Bahamas, in addition to “Daniel,” which has two Michelin stars in New York.

After the news broke, Boulud told AFP that the latest medal in a lengthy list of awards represented “professional dedication and actually a symbol of friendship and support from colleagues” in a very competitive and high-pressure atmosphere.

Boulud, like all New Yorkers, was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, which killed at least 34,000 people in his chosen city, which was hit strongly by the virus’s initial wave in the United States in early 2020.

Some of his businesses closed, but “Daniel” persisted, constructing a terrace of covered shelters on the sidewalk for die-hard fans “with heating in the winter and air conditioning and music in the summer.”

Following the epidemic, Boulud believes New York will remain “one of the five most attractive cities in the world” and will continue to play an important role in French cooking.

According to the French consulate, New York, the United States’ economic and cultural hub and a cultural mosaic of 8.5 million residents, is home to 183 French restaurateurs.

Boulud, who is “in love” with New York and is now an American citizen, yet claims to be “the most French of all French chefs in the United States” thanks to a “cuisine with its French references” that “never stops innovating.”

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