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Youtuber and Instagram Celebrity Khaled Mazeedi Makes $13,335 a Day Selling his “Fastest Street Legal Car”

A tech entrepreneur and social media celebrity spent $1.5 million on one of the world’s fastest street-legal car, but he never expected this asset to become the quickest-appreciating asset he had ever owned… to date. 

Mazeedi shares the experience of his hyper-car purchase, saying this $1 million cash in was his quickest yet. 

A celebrated social media personality with close to 6 million followers combined on all platforms, Mazeedi fills his feed with luxury cars almost every day – pictures and videos of his personal collection of super expensive vehicles. Most of these vehicles are tucked away within a private garage underneath Mazeedi’s multi-million dollar estate, sitting atop illuminated led marble flooring. Some of the vehicles include a Buggati and a number of Ferraris and Lamborghinis.  

The fastest of all his vehicles he recently had delivered is the Pagani Zonda Cinque. The hyper-car has set about five world records for topping speeds of over 250mph. The manufacturer debuted the vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show in 1999. And, in the first 10 months after the debut, it sold out. The manufacturer only produced 100 of the cars in nine years. 

According to Pagani, via its Instagram Page, the factory manufactured a “handful of cinques,” The exclusivity quickly made the Cinque a must-have collector’s car, only a decade after Pagani released the model. Since then, the manufacturer has never made another Zonda, which is the reason why it’s highly valued by car collectors. 

The Cinque includes many upgrades to the original Zonda, including but not limited to a tuned 1,000hp engine, custom exhaust pipe built by Pagani, $200,000 in carbon fiber upgrades and a larger wing for better aerodynamics and increased down force. 

According to Mazeedi, there were no plans to sell it, but according to him “the offer was too good to pass up.”

He claims that a mutual friend introduced him to the prospective buyer, who also admires limited-edition hypercars. 

Mazeedi said the buyer, also an avid car collector, had been seeking to purchase a Pagani for quite some time, and that the renowned Zonda fit perfectly into his own collection. The deal took a few days to finalize, starting at $2.5 million, with negotiations ending at $1.9 million. 

In a little more than three months, Mazeedi earned a total $1.21 million in profit, which works out to $556 an hour, 13,335 a day or $400,595 a month. 

After the deal between them was made, Mazeedi set his sights to purchase a red-colored ‘LaFerrari’ that has just 2770 kilometers on its odometer. The car can reach 60 seconds in less than three seconds, and he’s getting it for the low price of $2 million. The seller is a Swiss multi-millionaire who bought the marque Ferrari for a little more than $3 million in 2016. 

According to Mazeedi, he loves cars, and that being smart with money means never passing up on good opportunities. He says his passion for rare cars is an investment that is much more fun than art or antique collecting “a Ferrari can be driven to cafes and taken on trips; art and other collectibles most certainly cannot”

With such a vast collection, there is one car that Mazeedi claims he will never sell – his Lamborghini Gallardo. It was his first exotic car purchase ever and signifies his entrepreneurial motivations to push boundaries. “The Gallardo was my first supercar and it holds sentimental value.”

The obsession for rare cars continues, with Mazeedi recently uploading a video on Youtube purchasing a Ferrari 458 with Bitcoin. 

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