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What’s on Your Walls: Susi Kenna, Social Media Guru, on Finding Artists on Instagram and How She Decides When to Buy

Kenna talked to us about her favourite pieces, the art she’d steal if she had the chance, and more.

Susi Kenna, an art collector and social media expert, has worked in the art industry for the past ten years in a variety of capacities.

After a long tenure as Art Basel’s worldwide social media manager, Kenna is currently the director of social media for David Zwirner gallery, and she has amassed a devoted following of her own.

On her personal Instagram, she chronicles her colourful travels around the world, as well as her personal collection, which includes hand-selected works by Barbara Kruger, Tammi Campbell, Trudy Benson, Alex Gardner, and Jenny Holzer, all of which are artfully displayed throughout her New York City apartment.

What was the newest purchase you made?

I bought Tammi Campbell’s Homage to the Square with Bubble Wrap and Packing Tape #11 (2021) on Platform, David Zwirner’s new site that launched earlier this year.

Apart from the cheeky allusion to Josef Albers, what I like best about this piece is that, while it appears to be wrapped in ordinary old bubble wrap, it is actually enclosed in a trompe l’oeil acrylic paint skin that looks exactly like the genuine thing, even at close range.

This year, what works or artists do you hope to add to your collection?

If You Can Believe It, This Is Nic Rad’s Self Portrait (2016). This artwork was part of Rad’s 2016 exhibition “Perennial Millennial,” which I originally saw at Victori+Mo, now Dinner Gallery.

I couldn’t get it out of my thoughts, and after my wedding, this summer, my husband and I agreed that it should be the first piece of art we collected together. This artwork has something special about it, but I’d prefer to keep it a secret until it’s erected later this year.

Where do you go to buy art the most?

I buy from all of the typical suspects, however, I can’t say that I prefer one source over another. I usually find an artist on Instagram and then go see their work in a gallery or museum, research it further if I come across it at an art show, or schedule a studio visit as soon as possible before making any commitments.

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