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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Matthew Rodriguez is Rising steadily as a YouTuber & Artist Influencer

Churning out entertaining and educative content on Roblox game, he has achieved a humongous following.

Tapwater or Tap as his fans call him has become a popular online personality with his YouTube channel Tapwater becoming popular by the day amongst young game enthusiasts who are into Roblox gaming. His following has seen a tremendous surge since the time he opened up doors to his channel, spiraling from ‘0’ to 1,00,000 in 6 months flat, which was incredible by all standards. What really drew him towards this space was the existence of popular online figures like FaZe clan and RiceGum wo inspired him to get hold of his passion and take it forward, which ultimately culminated into an online star creating interesting YouTube content which was liked by a majority of viewers from the US, Phillipines and Canada. Tap says, “I wanted to build a young audience as my content revolved around Roblox which is a hit amongst age groups between 8 and 14. Backed by my passion towards this zone, I built my channel, which went on to become a rage, getting an overwhelming response since the time it debuted.”

According to him, those who are interested in creating content that draws attention should stick on to being themselves as trying to replicate someone else’s work might boomerang and prove disastrous. “The uniqueness in your content can only take you there, and you should try to better yourself with every new work that you create. Secondly, try creating a community and establish a personal connection with your followers till you get the right figures,” informs Tap. He gives his own example where he has created a Discord server where he interacts with followers about anything and everything under the sun. There is quick response when ever he posts videos and there are discussions on his latest uploads. All the suggestions are taken seriously as it helps in improving his future content.

His videos have evolved with time, as earlier he used to post tutorial videos that guided people to do the right things on Roblox, but later he started creating more entertaining stuff that gripped the viewers and helped the numbers jump. Now, Tapwater’s videos are popular for its plot centric content that players go through in the game, and the viewers are in awe of this newly introduced format. He is more than 250 videos old which has made him a sort of industry expert and has celebrities like TanqR, Rektway, Rainway and ProjectSupreme teaming up with him.

To watch his videos, subscribe to his channel on YouTube. You can also follow his Instagram to know more about his latest work.

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