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Jose Gaytan Sharing Stage With Kobe Bryant

Jose Gaytan is a proud owner of the fastest growing financial marketing company in the U.S., PHP Agency, Inc. Gaytan had his share of struggles, which he overcame through the moral values he was raised with. Gaytan’s parents emigrated from Mexico but separated soon after. “I was raised by my mother, Fidelia. One of the most positive people you will ever meet is my mom. I know I got my optimism and work ethic from her,” he says.

What Gaytan has to say about working as a power couple

Both the partners, Marlene and Gaytan, were committed to having each other’s back while building the company. “There is something special that happens when two people are fully committed to one another and surrounded by like-minded people who have the same goal in mind. Together, we attract other strong couples to work alongside each other and build something they can be proud of as a ‘power couple.’ Big risks always follow with great rewards,” Gaytan says.

Today his company is the most significant equity shareholder of PHP Agency, Inc, a privately-owned company that has plans of being a multi-billion dollar company.

Gaytan and his company, TGA Financials / PHP Agency

Gaytan is a proud co-founder of a leading Financial Marketing Organization, TGA Financials /PHP Agency, which protects families with various life insurance products and secures people’s retirements with guaranteed products offered by insurance companies. It provides the best part-time and full-time opportunities in the financial services industry. One can make a high income by getting a life insurance license, world-class training, and protecting families with the various services.

What Jose Gaytan looks forward to

Gaytan looks forward to making history. “One day we’ll look back and say we started this company with nothing, we were counted out, and we proved them all wrong and became the leading Financial Marketing Organization of the industry,” he says. Along the way, he has made a significant change in people’s lives and helped millions of people reach their goals and dreams. Gaytan’s favorite quote is, “Don’t expect people to understand your grind when God didn’t give them your vision.” With this mindset, he has the vision to have 500,000 licensed agents by 2029 and dominate the industry. He plans to be an international powerhouse and a household name. Along the way he has made a significant change in people’s lives and helped millions of people reach their goals and dreams, which motivates him to keep growing and make history.

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