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“I will Admit…”: James Franco’s Shocking Sexual Misconduct Interview

James Franco

Nomination for an Oscar Award In 2018, five women claimed US actor James Franco of sexual harassment, including during scenes at his Studio 4 school in North Hollywood.

Los Angeles, California:

In an interview aired Thursday, US actor James Franco said he regretted sleeping with pupils at his film school, breaking his silence on sexual misconduct charges.

Franco, an Oscar contender, was publicly accused of predatory behaviour by five women in 2018, including during nude scenes at his Studio 4 school in North Hollywood.

“Look, I’ll own it: I slept with students,” Franco, 43, admitted to The Jess Cagle Show on SiriusXM in his first significant interview on the claims.

“I did sleep with students during my teaching career, which was unethical. But, as I already stated, it is not why I enrolled in the school.”

Franco and his team have previously rejected charges that he simulated oral sex on multiple females by removing a clear plastic shield covering their vaginal openings.

James Franco

He was also accused of exploiting his film school to entice sexually accessible people, including requesting female pupils to dance around him topless in an unscripted scene and convincing “everyone” that “potential roles were on the table if we were to perform sexual acts or take off our shirts.”

Franco denied sleeping with students enrolled in his “sex scenes” class in an interview with Cagle, claiming that the class only had a “provocative title” but did not expressly cover intimate sequences.

He admitted, “It wasn’t a master strategy on my part.”

“However, there were times when I was in a consensual relationship with a student when I shouldn’t have been.”

When asked how he could not understand the power differential between a Hollywood star and their student, Franco explained that he had substituted his youthful alcohol addiction with a lust for sex and notoriety.

“I suppose my mindset at the time was, ‘If it’s consenting, it’s fine.'”

Of course, I was aware… I spoke with other individuals, other teachers… it’s probably not a good idea.” “

As I have stated, I was not clear-headed at the time. So it came down to this: “If this is consensual, I believe it’s cool,” I said. We’re all grown-ups now.'”

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