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Secrets from the scalpel shared by top Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. William J Rahal

Throughout his career, Dr. William J Rahal has created his distinctive name as a plastic surgeon, trusted by many. It’s easy to find conflicting and unverified opinions on the internet regarding cosmetic procedures.

While it’s great that we have the wealth of information at our fingertips, that is the internet, reading incorrect information and opinions on cosmetic procedures and techniques can lead the reader to form misconstrued and, sometimes, unfortunately, opposing views. 

This can lead to confusion, breed doubts, and place misconceptions in people’s minds about these procedures, their benefits, and their effects. We asked Dr. William J Rahal, a board-certified plastic surgeon, what some of the most common misconceptions he comes across daily. 

Dr. William J Rahal, Staten Island raised, says that cosmetic plastic surgery has been a lifelong pursuit and inclination.  He aspired to sculpt his career in a way where he could be known for his innovative, safe procedures, helping people attain their cosmetic and aesthetic goals.

Below are a few misconceptions that he wishes to share with people.

• Botox and fillers are different products: Many people believe that since both are injected on the face, they do the same thing, which is not valid, says Dr. William J Rahal. He says that these substances are chemically different and also serve different purposes. Botox helps diminish muscle action and improve small folds or skin wrinkles, secondary to the underlying muscular activity. Fillers help in filling out wrinkles, deficiencies, or voids in the soft tissues.

• Multiple procedures may be necessary: Sometimes, people might not get the results they desire with just one procedure. Multiple procedures are essential to maintain or optimize facial rejuvenation, says Dr. William J Rahal. Also, numerous procedures may not always happen on the same day, but instead may occur over time. People can also opt for occasional touch-up procedures to keep things maintained, just like the celebs do.

• Self-care is the most important: Self-care is of utmost importance both before and after the surgery, highlights Dr. William J Rahal. He says many substances may create complications and even prevent healing. Hence, Dr. William J Rahal provides people with a list of things to avoid before and after the surgery. Focusing on oneself and avoiding all the items listed can help individuals heal faster and gain their desired results.

On a final note, we asked Dr. William J Rahal how he defines success and what brings him the most satisfaction as a practitioner? He answered, that for him, it is a positive patient outcome.

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