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Learn how new real estate agents can achieve success in 2021 from Julia Wang, an ace real estate broker and entrepreneur

Julia’s firm NextGen Real Estate is making milestones in the real estate industry of the US.

People all over the world have heard enough of the words ‘new normal’ along their paths in their respective fields. So many individuals and businesses had to make the shift from physical offices to work from home environment. All this was something nobody had ever imagined; however, it also led to some of the most significant changes across industries, both positive as well as negative. Real estate has been that industry, which too had to see many ups and downs, and these trying times gave many challenges and at the same time even opened up many new opportunities, helping the new agents to prepare for the upcoming year. Julia Wang, an ace broker and entrepreneur of the real estate industry of the US is of the opinion that now is the time for rising real estate agents to broaden their perspectives and mindset and learn a few tips for success that can help them in their journey in 2021.

Sharpen your social media skills: For checking about any business today or for only checking the credibility of a person; people directly jump to their social media profiles, points out Julia Wang. She says that people must understand the significance of these online platforms and hone their skills in the same by creating a handle that speaks of an individual or brand’s personality, ideas and visions. Also, personal and business profiles must be kept separate. Posting useful information for buyers and sellers and creating that content that is engaging enough will attract more people and expand the network.

Have a distinct voice and approach: Real estate agents can keep themselves apart from others in the industry by having a distinct voice and approach in dealing with the target audience and offering them services. Hence, it is essential to build a personal brand, says Julia Wang, who believes that choosing a particular niche will help agents be more specific and prolific in their work. Posting content related to the niche on social media or answer people’s queries on the platform also would help them broaden their network.

Create a proper business plan: One should focus on starting with a unique business plan, suggests Julia Wang. After learning about the markets in 2020, budding real estate agents must get well-prepared for trying times and create a business plan that defines their goals and ways they can achieve all of them. Apart from that, they must also create a budget for marketing, technology, and other necessities that they may require along their way. Also, she points out that as a new agent, it may take a few months to earn a commission; hence, having savings on hand is also essential.

Learn each day: It is important for new agents to either find a mentor or keep studying the industry information and developments that take place each passing day. This helps agents to be up on their game always and also helps them be prepared in doing their work. Getting in touch with a broker in office, reading industry publications, and connecting with successful agents and brokers can also help in learning about the business more.

Keep hustling: As a real estate agent, individuals may have to be on their toes to cater to their clients as the work may include showing them the properties and homes as per the client’s convenience. Being present and accessible helps new agents in creating the network they need to become profitable and productive for a longer period.

Julia Wang considers herself as a motivated person who believes in being the best version of herself both at home and at work. She works with the aim to build something that empowers, helps and changes people’s lives. Julia Wang confesses to generating new ideas by researching what others are doing, keeping in trend with the industry’s changes, and then works upon her ideas around the same. Her most satisfying moment so far in her career has been when she got voted as the #1 realtor on social media. However, Julia Wang has just begun.

To know more about her impressive work and content, follow her on Instagram @juliawang_htx

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