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“Hard work and persistence are my keys to success,” says Entrepreneur Milad Hatami

Milad Hatami is a renowned Instagram personality and a successful entrepreneur. He is living a glamorous life at the moment. He is having millions of followers on Instagram and other social media platforms. He recently talked about the role of hard work and passion in becoming a successful person.

“It is not easy to get success. You have to struggle a lot to realize your dreams,” says Milad Hatami.

His life is full of struggles. He has an ordinary family that has gone through a financial crisis for a long time. He was enforced to work during his studies to overcome financial challenges. He was a lover of football at the juvenile and youth stages of his life. However, he could not pursue playing football due to financial hardships. “All of these crises and hardships boosted my morale to work harder,” he adds.

“I was always passionate to become a successful person in my life,” he says. He opened a currency exchange center at the Ferdowsi mall at the age of 18. “It was a great experience of my life as I made a lot of progress very quickly,” tells Hatami. The major turning point in his life came when his comic video went viral on Instagram. “I work hard to make my content more and more funny. It is my passion to amuse my followers as much as possible. It is not an easy job to make people laugh as it requires a lot of creativity to perform live comedy without using written notes,” he notes.

Milad Hatami is still working hard to expand his startups and internet businesses as much as possible. However, he has made exceptional progress so far in the field of standup comedy and presentation. His hardworking nature and passion for getting success are the main strengths that made him a young millionaire.

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