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Winter storm alert published, predicting ‘messy’ circumstances


Key takeaways: 

  • A combination of rain will make something messy Thursday evening into Saturday.
  • Prince County is in the queue for the most snow, while neighborhoods of Queens and Kings will probably see ice pellets blending with the snow beginning early Friday through Saturday afternoon. 

Climatic conditions to be messy in PEI: 

Islanders should be ready for a chaotic pair of days. 

Environment Canada has now given notice regarding what it’s naming a “significant winter storm.” The total snowfall predicted capacities from 30 to 50 cm and is anticipated to begin on Thursday night. Source –

Environment Canada stated the system would begin Thursday during the day as rain, which will switch to snow in the night. Snow is predicted to become heavy overnight and throughout the day Friday into Saturday.

“This band of freezing climate is due to a slow-moving front and not a Nor’easter,” CBC meteorologist Jay Scotland stated. “That being said, the effect will still be quite chaotic.” Source –

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The winter storms, icy rains blowing winds and snow are predicted for whole of PEI

The notice reveals Prince County is in the queue for the most snow. At the same time, the southeastern regions of Queens and the southern part of Kings will probably see “a vast period of ice pellets blending with the snow” beginning early Friday through to Saturday afternoon. Source –

“Since we are not speaking regarding a climate bomb here, I do not see currents as powerful as our previous few storms, but it will still be rather windy with southerly winds from 30-60 km/h likely ahead of the front Thursday followed by northerly to finally northwest winds from 30-60 plus km/h following the frontal course Friday and Saturday,” Scotland stated.  Source –

His primary problems for the storm are:

  • Chaotic roads.
  • Decreased visibility from bumbling snow.
  • Possible power outages with the severe snow blended with icy rain and breezes. 

According to Environment Canada, all the rain will taper to showers Saturday afternoon.

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