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Vaccine-mandate rally moves through downtown Charlottetown


Key takeaways: 

  • The police chief tells approximately 500-700 cars took part in the protest Saturday.
  • A Convoy of Islanders opposing vaccine orders went through downtown Charlottetown on Saturday, Feb. 12. 

Rally opposing vaccine mandate moves to Charlottetown: 

Islanders in cars, trucks and even some tractors pushed their route along University Avenue and through downtown Charlottetown Saturday in what was considered as a “slow-motion” rally against COVID-19 vaccine orders.

Based on what CBC staff could see from different vantage issues, most trucks were pickup trucks rather than bigger rigs. Multiple vehicles were decorated out with Canadian flags and anti-mandate gestures, some of them directed at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  

A stream of cars and pickup trucks coming from Montague was at most minor a kilometer long when it arrived at the Cherry Valley access to the Trans-Canada Highway at about 11:30 a.m. AT. 

Many cars had their four-way flashers on as they rolled to Charlottetown. 

Organizers had prepared for the march to start at 1 p.m., with convoys arriving from Prince and Kings counties joining Queens County participants in the Milton region. Those taking part were asked to get along items to contribute to food banks if they could.

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The rally moves into downtown Charlottetown

The plan was for the convoy to move at about 20 km/h down University Avenue and Great George Street toward the Charlottetown Cenotaph, where a crowd of protesters on foot was awaiting its coming.

A small group of counter-protesters was also attending in the blocks around the cenotaph.

Protesters ‘sick of uncertainties’

CBC News staff requested at least two dozen order protesters to talk on the record regarding why they had come to the demonstration. Most denied.

Ex-Liberal MLA Charlie McGeoghegan was one of the protesters. He told the rally was about “freedom.” Source –

“It’s just too many rulings, and it’s not right what’s going on right across Canada,” he stated.  Source –

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