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UPEI holds a return to offline learning


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘The COVID-19 pandemic and Omicron position on P.E.I. stays a very fluid one.’
  • Education at UPEI will stay online till at least February 27. 

UPEI postpones offline education: 

Students who attend UPEI will be obtaining their schooling online for at least another month. 

In a report to the UPEI community, temporary UPEI president Greg Keefe stated the university had been reviewing and evaluating protocols to make infallible it was aligned with the Chief Public Health Office.

The UPEI Senate had a special meeting and chose that teaching and learning will persist in being delivered online till February 27. 

The mid-semester vacation for most students is from February 19 through to February 27.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and Omicron circumstances on P.E.I. stays a very fluid one,” the statement stated.  Source –

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The UPEI postpones the return of offline learning

Persist to monitor

There are some peculiarities to this, including some lab and clinical actions in the science faculties, several small-class-size courses, and some on-campus study for graduate and honors students. 

Anyone who might fall into these types should get in touch with the superior of their separate faculties. 

“We will persist in monitoring the circumstances in consultation with the P.E.I. Chief Public Health Office, to choose whether offline learning will be able to restart on Monday, February 28,” the statement stated.  Source –

“I am very scornful of how everyone has united through these common challenges by exhibiting empathy, understanding, and patience,” Keefe stated in the statement. Source –

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