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UNICEF Will Not Celebrate World Children’s Day in “Solidarity With Afghans”

World Children’s Day: On November 20, numerous nations and organisations celebrate the International Day of Children.

New York:

UNICEF Afghanistan has opted to close all of its internet platforms on Saturday in honour of World Children’s Day, in solidarity with Afghan children who are bearing the brunt of the country’s fast rising humanitarian situation.

“In solidarity with the children of Afghanistan who are bearing the burden of a fast rising humanitarian crisis, UNICEF Afghanistan will not celebrate World Children’s Day (WCD) this year,” according to a statement from the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

The International Day of Children is observed on November 20 by a number of nations and organisations. However, UNICEF Afghanistan has stated that this year’s International Children’s Day will not be observed in Afghanistan.

“Today, UNICEF Afghanistan is ‘blackwashing’ its WCD online assets, and tomorrow, November 20, the day on which UNICEF traditionally ‘goes blue’ for children, UNICEF Afghanistan will close its digital channels, going dark to reflect the challenges that children in Afghanistan face,” UNICEF Afghanistan said in a statement on Friday.

On this day, the UNICEF generally wears blue, but this year it chose to wear black.

The UN agency stated in a statement that the dry winter, poor crop, and drought had left 14 million youngsters without enough food.

“In Afghanistan, it is tough to rejoice in being a youngster right now. We want to send a message to donors by closing our web platforms on World Children’s Day, imploring them to support Afghanistan’s children “UNICEF’s Acting Representative in Afghanistan, Alice Akunga stated. “Those who are least to accuse of the crisis are paying the most.”

UNICEF has requested world leaders to prioritise the rights and well-being of Afghan children in discussions about how to fund the humanitarian crisis.

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