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Thursday, December 7, 2023

“There’s no need to escalate,” Vladimir Putin said of US-NATO drills in the Black Sea

In an interview aired Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that recent Black Sea exercises by US and other NATO ships faced a significant risk to Moscow.

“In the Black Sea, the U.S and its NATO allies are conducting unannounced drills. These exercises feature not just a large naval force but also aviation, particularly strategic aviation. For us, this is a significant issue “In an interview with the state broadcaster Vesti, he remarked.

His remarks come after the US highlighted concerns about Russian military activity near Ukraine’s border this week.

Putin’s defence ministry “had a proposal to perform its own unscheduled drills in the same waterways,” according to him.

“However, I believe this is unacceptable, and there is no need to escalate the situation,” he stated.

As Washington sought clarity on troop movements along the border, US senior diplomat Antony Blinken urged Moscow against making another “major error” on Ukraine.

The EU expressed concern on Friday about Russian military activity near Ukraine’s border. The 27-nation bloc said it was keeping an eye on the situation with partners such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

The statements come as tensions between the EU and Russia rise over a migrant standoff on Poland’s border with Russian government Belarus.

“He had not seen these alarmist statements yet,” Putin said, dismissing the claims.

However, he chastised Ukraine for using Turkish-made drones against pro-Russian insurgents, saying the move was “strictly” in violation of a 2015 peace agreement agreed in Minsk.

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