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The trucker convoy led to Ottawa ‘amicable,’ states RCMP


Key takeaways: 

  • Supporters of truck drivers opposing the vaccine order assembled in Borden-Carleton Thursday.
  • Before running across the Confederation Bridge, trucks and other cars were collected in Borden-Carleton Thursday morning.

Truckers convoy headed to Ottawa: 

A convoy of truckers and their allies collected in Borden-Carleton Thursday morning to start their journey to Ottawa in what’s named a “freedom convoy.”

The group fights COVID-19 limitations and supports Canadian truck drivers opposing the vaccine order on the cross-border industry.

The P.E.I. RCMP was on-site before and during the march to look out for public security and traffic problems. 

“The RCMP is liable for Borden, so traffic and safety was important for us,” stated Sgt. Chris Gunn of the RCMP.  Source –

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Trucker convoy headed to Ottawa

Gunn stated the RCMP’s divisional fling team came out to the organizers before to decide what the group was preparing, and that team was also on-site today.

Gunn calculates almost 70 vehicles left the region in convoy, and around 300 supporters were lining the road as they went. 

He stated the RCMP was also managing to protect those standing along the sides of the road in support of the convoy. 

“The protest was able to flow across the Confederation Bridge without making extra waits,” Gunn stated. The RCMP also worked with public health to facilitate the return of those involved.  Source –

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