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The public requests COVID rules to be raised for kids on PEI.


Key takeaways: 

  • Nearly 70 individuals assembled in front of government facilities.
  • Many in the group wore tape over their mouths, representing how individuals have been muted and overlooked in the region.

Covid restrictions for kids to be raised: 

Dozens of individuals assembled outside the regional government facilities in Charlottetown Tuesday to oppose COVID-19 restraints for kids.

The group, which CBC approved with organizers to be approximately 70 individuals, asked Education Minister Natalie Jameson to come out and receive papers stating the government will be kept liable for any damages that come to kids due to the rules.

The rally was organized by the group Standing 4 Students PEI, which includes 654 members on its Facebook page.

The crowd called on Jameson to complete vaccine orders and masking conditions for children and end rules on sports and other recreational sports.

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Covid rules for kids to be lifted requested by parents

Many in the group wore tape over their mouths which they stated was illustrative of how the “government and the education system as a full has muted and ignored kids of all ages and youth of all ages in this region.”

They say the damages — which they define as educational, emotional, physical, and physiological — are “far exceeding” any chances of children dying from COVID-19. Source –

‘I think they’re annoyed:.’

After a month of online education, students on PEI returned to classrooms Monday. Unless they have an exemption, students must wear masks at all times besides when eating and drinking. They must be tested at the house for COVID-19 three times a week using a rapid antigen test.

PEI’s Chief Public Health Office states masking helps stop the spread of COVID-19 and presents protection to both the individual wearing the mask and the individuals near them.

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