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Summerside sets aside financing to kickstart the East-West Connector Road project


Key takeaways: 

  • The city issued $500K to get the project begun in budget.
  • The offered East-West Connector Road would connect Water Street East about Reads Corner with Ryan Street and MacEwen Road.

The City of Summerside is making the first efforts toward constructing a new route that could dramatically enhance traffic flow in the downtown location.

In its previous budget, the city set aside $500,000 to plan the East-West Connector Road, which would connect Water Street East near Reads Corner with Ryan Street and MacEwen Road.

The 2.2-kilometer route would help direct traffic away from the city’s downtown toward the mall district on Granville Street.

“This has been in the books directly for 20 years,” stated Ward 8 Councillor Carrie Adams, pushing for the project since she was elected.

“We’re seeing tens of thousands of cars arriving in daily. And the route hasn’t changed, but our traffic has. So it’s expected that this will help some of the stress.”

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Summerside estimates the project will cost about $11.5 million

But maybe most notably for the city’s economy, Adams said the new road would free up more land for development.

“What we have in that place where this East-West Connector would be is approximately 2.2 kilometers of road,” she said. 

“You’re opening up all that land on both flanks of that 2.2 kilometers. That’s a big piece of land in the city center.” Approximately 300 acres of underdeveloped land would be built on the road.

Ward 2 Councillor Justin Doiron said some farming activity is still there, though many of it is happening in places zoned for future residential use.

“Over a previous couple of years, development has just been successful [in Summerside],” he said. 

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