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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Seven ways to save money while driving


Key takeaways: 

  • Gas costs have reached record highs, and individuals are looking for ways to save.
  • As gas, food, and accommodation costs increase, people on P.E.I.and across Canada embrace their funding to find economies, including behind the wheel.

If you’ve recently filled up a gas-powered car at the pump, you might be thinking about ways to receive the most out of that expensive fuel tank.

As gas costs and inflation skyrocketed on P.E.I., C.B.C News sought guidance from P.E.I.’s Director of Sustainability Derek Ellis, C.A.A. Atlantic’s Steve Olmstead, and driving instructor Joe Byrne regarding saving money while driving. 

  • Slow down

For those who want or require to continue driving, there are plenty of ways to save money that can add up — one of the most crucial being to slow down.

  • Accelerate slowly

Accelerating slowly from a stop rather than hitting the pedal is also a great gas-saver. It’s number one on the federal government’s list of tips for fuel-efficient driving practices. 

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Gas costs have reached record highs, and individuals are looking for ways to save
  • Tire inflation

Having the proper air in your car’s tires can be another great fuel-saver. Find the correct number for your vehicle’s tires posted on your car’s door or in your owner’s manual, and add air at a fuel pump.

  • Maintain your car

Byrne stated to check and maintain liquids like coolant and oil in your vehicle and maintain the engine, battery, and transmission for optimal petrol and diesel consumption. 

  • Stop idling

Ellis indicates that numerous newer cars will close off automatically when you’re stopped for any time, say at a light or drive-thru. 

  • Lower load and drag

Take those golf clubs or loads of salt out of your trunk, and remove the top and bike racks that increase drag. 

  • Plan your journey

Trip planning is essential to lower gas: Byrne said if you have some chores, make one trip with numerous stops rather than several journeys with one-stop each.

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