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Police state ‘convoy-style’ demonstration postponed due to climate

The protests in PEI delayed due to climatic conditions

Key takeaways: 

  • Charlottetown police state rally moved to the following weekend.
  • ‘I know it can be frustrating at various points, but this is going to occur,’ Charlottetown police Chief Brad MacConnell speaks regarding traffic uncertainty during the rally. 

Protests in PEI delayed to climatic conditions: 

A scheduled “convoy-style” rally for Charlottetown has been delayed because of the climate, according to police.

The City of Charlottetown warned businesses and residents to anticipate uncertainties due to the rally against COVID-19 protocols planned for Saturday. 

But on Friday afternoon, amid the fourth winter storm to strike the island in as many weeks, police stated organizers were delaying the event. Subsequently, the police proved it would take place the following weekend.

Several social media accounts associated with the convoy told it would take position Saturday, Feb. 12.

Brad MacConnell, chief of Charlottetown police, told the force has been intercommunicating all week with protesters, city officials, and businesses in the city regarding the demonstration. 

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The protests in PEI delayed due to climatic conditions

“We’ve done that throughout the week and was well accepted by business owners and citizens. We felt an essential step to keeping individuals in the loop that may potentially have deliveries planned at the time of the convoy or having an appointment that may require to be altered.” Source –

Two weeks ago, hundreds opposed COVID-19 protocols in Charlottetown. 

MacConnell stated some charges were laid against some protesters, and the Charlottetown cops are still striving to apply more. “The charges are under the Highway Traffic Act and the Public Health Act.”Source –

Everyone has the freedom to oppose but must esteem the security of others, MacConnell told. He’s been attempting to keep communication with the demonstration groups. 

“We expect that any further action by these groups will take that suggestion. Our real purpose is to make a safe environment for everyone, so share with us and permit us to do that.” Source –

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