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PEI students back to school Jan. 31, several rules to be relaxed


Key takeaways: 

  • Nine individuals with COVID-19 have died on PEI in the previous two weeks.
  • Dr. Heather Morrison states modeling is not a crystal ball that will foretell what will occur but has been instructive for conclusion making.

Restrictions to be eased by the PEI government: 

PEI will restart offline learning on Monday, Jan. 31, and other constraints will be relaxed, Premier Dennis King and Dr. Heather Morrison declared Wednesday.

They declared during a COVID-19 briefing. 

Epidemiologist Dr. Karen Phillips was even in attendance.

King stated students being out of school for well over a month has “got its challenges.” Source –

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The students of PEI returning to school 31 Jan and rules to be relaxed

“Our teachers, our school administrators, our parents have been winners through this, our kids have been champions through this, but it’s time, and we ought to get them back into school.” Source –

Students will be subject to testing, masking, and cohorting. King stated an update would be had Thursday with points of the back-to-school program.

Morrison declared the easing of other constraints that will take result Jan. 31, including:

  • Individual groups will be permitted with a regular, consistent maximum of 10 individuals. 
  • Organized groups of one cohort of 50, provided physical distancing of individuals in other homes, will be permitted. This would be at marriage and funeral rituals.
  • Sports team exercises can have up to 20 even people. 
  • Fitness facilities can unlock with 50 percent capacity and physical distancing.
  • In-room dining can restart with 50 percent capacity and a six-feet distance between tables and a max of 10 each table.
  • No dance floors or karaoke.
  • Masks cannot be withdrawn at indoor occasions, even with physical distancing.
  • Companies and organizations can help the public with 50 percent capacity and physical distancing, including retail, museums, and libraries.
  • Vax Pass program will stay in position for discretionary occasions and activities.
  • Long-term care visits are expanded to three members in care and three selected visitors. In houses where there are outbreaks, further steps will be in place.
  • The 4-day isolation time, with testing, will persist for individuals reaching points of the entrance on PEI.
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