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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Particular climate statement predicts wet, windy, and icy situations for PEI.


Key takeaways: 

  • Icy circumstances with potential flash-freezing could also be in stock for Friday.
  • Environment Canada gave a particular climate statement for Thursday night into Friday, stating that after the wet and windy conditions, a short period of freezing rain may also occur.

PEI to notice severe windy climatic conditions: 

Islanders should prepare themselves for rain and a bunch of breeze running into this long weekend. 

Environment Canada issued a particular climate statement for the entire region Wednesday morning, warning of heavy rain — between 20 and 40 millimeters — and winds at 80 kilometers per hour, gusting to 100 beginning Thursday night through Friday morning. 

The statement stated that solid southwesterly winds would transition to terms of heavy rain early Friday morning. 

“It truly is a temperature rollercoaster for the following 36 hours,” stated CBC meteorologist Tina Simpkin. Source –

“Windy, and wet, and possibly even icy.” Source –

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Icy windy and frosty climatic conditions in PEI

The statement stated that individuals should remove their storm drains to stop flooding after the hefty rainfalls on the frozen ground.  

“In addition to the heavy rain, powerful southwesterly winds will strengthen further Thursday night into midday Friday, leading to potential power outages,” stated the statement. Source –

After that, the temperature will fall Friday afternoon, leading to a likely flash-freeze situation. 

“As the front passes through the province, a brief period of chilly rain may occur before a change to flurries,” stated the statement. “Any standing water on streets or walkways will fast freeze, leading to dangerous travel circumstances.” Source –

Conditions will enhance Friday evening, the statement read.

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