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P.E.I. students will not return to classrooms till at least Jan. 24


Key takeaways: 

  • Premier Dennis King declared uncertainty to in-class learning at a briefing Thursday.
  • Premier Dennis King and Dr Heather Morrison speech Islanders at a pandemic briefing on Jan. 13.

The students in PEI are not expected to return offline before 24 Jan: 

P.E.I. schools will not restart in-person learning till at least Jan. 24. The initial objective was for students to return to classrooms on Jan. 17.

Premier Dennis King declared the uncertainty in in-class learning at a briefing Thursday. 

COVID-19 case totals on the Island have increased over the previous week, with daily averages rising. That’s what directed the judgment to delay. 

“When we open we want to do everything we can to stay open,” King stated.  Source –

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The students in PEI will not return to offline learning before Jan 24

“Because we know the beginnings and endings are even more difficult and troubling.”  Source –

That’s where home testing, masking, air quality modifications and other actions come in, he stated. 

“Despite our best actions and preparations, there will be cases of COVID-19 in the schools,” stated Chief Public Health Officer Dr Heather Morrison. “We will aim to minimize disruption in learning for students and for.I. families in general.” Source –

Exams for high school students will also be revoked for the term. Education Minister Natalie Jameson stated high-stakes education testing would be improper and unjust to students. Marks for those students will be based on class-based examinations. 

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