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Saturday, September 23, 2023

North Shore Chase the Ace formed to make a multi-millionaire


Key takeaways: 

  • The draw has gained a $2M jackpot.
  • The North Show Chase the Ace jackpot is now approximately $2 million.

All eyes on Prince Edward Island are concentrated on a single deck of cards on the region’s north shore.

Each Saturday for the previous 43 weeks, that deck has been in the hands of Lt. Aubry MacDonald from the North Rustico Fire unit.

She scrambles the cards for the weekly North Shore Chase the Ace Draw. With only nine cards remaining in the deck, the jackpot for the draw has surpassed $2 million. 

That means more scrutiny than ever on those who hold the cards. 

“It’s too much stress now drawing the cards because everyone accuses you if the ace goes,” she said.

After she rearranges, volunteers lay the cards out on a table, and the audience picks which card should be reversed. So far, the ace of spades is still in the deck, which means the jackpot keeps rising. 

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With only nine cards remaining in the deck, the jackpot for the draw has surpassed $2 million.

Even the consolation awards handed out when the ace isn’t picked have surpassed the $100,000 mark, adding to the weekly excitement.

Marie Lavoie purchases tickets every week. She hasn’t won any cash yet but knows somebody who has.

“Prior week, it was a local lady. She’s the local lions club bartender, so it is fascinating,” she stated.

Helen Perry from North Rustico purchases $20 worth of tickets for the draw per week. Like everyone else, she’s worried for the ace to show itself.

She wants to win the money herself, but she says the community wins regardless.

“It makes me feel wonderful,” she stated. “They are raising funds for the lion’s clubs, the fire hall, and the rink. It is a win-win case.”

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