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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Municipalities across PEI wrestle with short-term rental rules


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘Any unregulated business requires law.’
  • ‘When the public weighs in on this, we’ll take the proper action from that moment on,’ states Stratford Mayor Steve Ogden.

Now that Charlottetown has backed rules for short-term rentals, some other neighborhoods in Prince Edward Island are also looking at the problem. Still, no municipalities are anticipated to make any significant rule differences soon. 

Those modifications to Charlottetown’s zoning and development regulations mean that any short-term rental must be a preliminary home.

Owners will not be allowed to have numerous properties, and flats will not be permitted. 

Cornwall and Stratford are neighboring neighborhoods to Charlottetown, and their councils will be peeking into what’s required. 

“I would like to see some kind of policy or bylaw or solution come forward,” stated Jill MacIsaac, the chair of preparing for Cornwall.

She stated she had heard criticisms from residents regarding parking and noise at short-term rental properties. She said the council would think about how short-term rentals impact citizens with neighboring properties.

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Municipalities across PEI wrestle with short-term rental rules

“What does that look like for a citizen in that neighborhood?” she stated.

She stated if someone leases their property to visitors, tax brackets should be evaluated. 

“Somebody else next door may be spending the same amount of tax but making earnings on that property,” she stated. 

She told Cornwall is short of all kinds of housing and hopes the council to be differing the case for multiple months. 

Stratford waiting on citizen survey

Stratford has had a question on short-term rentals in its annual citizen survey. The survey requests citizens if they would help Stratford handle STRs. 

“We’re observing with great interest how Charlottetown is moving, and we’re learning from that,” stated Mayor Steve Ogden.

Ogden told the council will base any findings on reactions from citizens. 

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