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Montague volunteer firefighter quits after over 50 years with the brigade


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘He admired all the firemen. A very cool and calm and level-headed fellow.’
  • Harry Annear was a member of the Montague Volunteer Fire Brigade for around 5 decades. 

Harry Annear retires after 5 decades of service with the brigade:

A volunteer firefighter has chosen to quit after operating the Montague community for half a century.

Harry Annear has been a member of the Montague Volunteer Fire Brigade for around 5 decades. He was the brigade’s fire chief for 25 years till he stepped down from that role in 2014 while remaining on as a member.

This year, however, Annear has chosen to turn up his uniform for good.

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The Montague volunteer firefighter retires after around 50 years with the brigade

“I waited on and I have a little bit of trouble with my knee, so I wasn’t going to be very effective with them. So I decided I’d quit it, too,” he stated. “If I can’t be any good to anybody, I may as well get out.” Annear stated he never had to deal with anything too severe during most of his period on the brigade. Source –

But there were still some tough times, including a fire that occurred around New Year’s Eve almost two decades ago. One of his firefighters passed.

“On one fire, we had one of our members go down,” he stated. “But there was never too many flawed times. We just had a few wounds.”  Source –

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