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Life for elders on PEI enhanced over the previous year, geriatrician expresses

Key takeaways: 

  • Vaccines were a ”game-changer” for Island elders.
  • Now that about 94 percent of Islanders over 12 are immunized, Dr. Martha Carmichael says the threat to seniors is significantly decreased. 

Life of aged individuals enhanced: 

The quality of life for elders in PEI fast fell when the pandemic was announced in March 2020 — but things are enhancing, according to an Island geriatrician. 

CBC News talked with internist geriatrician Dr. Martha Carmichael almost a year ago. At the time, she told seniors and families were in the form of trouble — in the neighborhood, in their own houses, and also in facility-based care. She stated elders were showing differences in understanding, function, mood, and behavior.

“But we are in a different position now than a year or more ago,” Carmichael stated. “The biggest thing for older grown-ups and all of us has been the game-changer, which has been vaccines.” Source –

Looking back, she stated she was “legitimately nervous” regarding many deaths at long-term care facilities in the region. Now, there is nearly 94 percent of Island adults inoculated. Source –

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Aged individuals’ life improved in PEI over the past year

“The danger of COVID-19, even in our most helpless elder adults, is significantly lowered compared to even a year ago,” she stated. Source –

She stated the second thing that’s occurred because of the amount of disease and demise in long-term care facilities across the nation during early pandemic surges; a national committee is now making more standards for long-term care residences. 

She stated the first draft was released the previous week and is now in a public consultation phase. Regions and parts can execute those measures once they are done.

But, while she told PEI is in a “much better place,” points stay. “It’s still been rather hard for older adults over the previous year or so in general,” Carmichael stated. Source –

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