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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Islanders devastated by water from a recent storm


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘We’ve got a river running through our ground.’
  • Homeowners tell it was an enormous amount of water they’ve ever witnessed in their yard.

PEI full of water as storms hit the region: 

A warm February day was not welcome news for citizens who were left running to deal with all the water that came with it. 

Amanda Jendrick stays in Alma, in western PEI, and couldn’t consider how much ended up flowing along with her property and into her residence. 

‘We’ve got a river going through our land,” she stated. “We’ve had it occur before but never to this extent.” Source –

Jendrick, who shares the house with her partner and three children, stated the basement looked like a pool, which surrounded the furnace and anything else that was down there. 

Their pump couldn’t keep up and leave. Regional firefighters came to assist keep the water from getting past the basement. 

Jendrick stated they were informed their home insurance wouldn’t protect any damages. 

“I just wish we can get the water out of the basement and that the damages aren’t as intense as I’m assuming.”  Source –

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PEI residents experiencing storms and floods

Whole properties clad in water

Lillian Silliker, who stays in Rosebank, also dealt with a soaked basement and water covering her entire property.

“It’s unreal the water,” Silliker stated. Source –

She assessed it was almost a meter deep in some places, with water coming right up the stairs directing to the door. 

“It’s the worst I’ve seen it, and we constructed our home in 1989.”  Source –

She stated regional teams were near the property working on a channel that was clogged with ice and snow, forcing the ditch to overflow. 

As of the late afternoon, Silliker stated she was utilizing a shop vac and able to keep up with the water and expected their finished basement would be alright. 

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