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How P.E.I. picks the roads to repair


Key takeaways: 

  • The high volume of problems from citizens is typical this time of year, says the region.
  • The checklist of standards for any road care has the infrastructure underneath, the drainage around the site, the road’s level of damage, repair expenses, and any prior changes in development that would need to be considered. 

The freeze-thaw cycle during winter months, with constant gridlock, doesn’t bode well for roads on the Island.

And unfortunately, not every pothole gets fixed.

Stephen Szwarc, the region’s highway care unit director, said specific criteria ought to be met for any care based on the funding for the year.

Staff in every area of P.E.I. mark the progress areas that need to be managed and prioritize that list from now till well into the summer.

The checklist of criteria for any highway maintenance includes:

  • The infrastructure underneath.
  • The drainage around the site.
  • The road’s level of damage.
  • Restoration costs.
  • Any prior changes in development would need to be considered.

Another aspect is the frequency of traffic and whether the route is usually used for school buses or commercial drivers.

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he region’s highway care unit director, said specific criteria ought to be met for any care

Szwarc stated highway care deals with low-volume roads, but it is in communication with schools to discuss any issue that needs attention.

Spring is an expected time of year when problems from citizens come in, he stated.

“We have problems that we’ll have to manage, and other regions are better than before,” he said.

“So we see the same. It’s just that it changes places from year to year.”

When it reached this year’s budget, Szwarc said the care cost had risen by 30 percent.

But he expects the prices this early in the season won’t impact the entire amount required to be paid so that as numerous Islanders as probable can be helped.

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