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Saturday, September 23, 2023

House detention for Stratford guy who shared private photos without consent


Key takeaways: 

  • The judge emphasizes that crime breaches trust with strictly legal matters.
  • Kenneth James Pound exits Charlottetown Provincial Court on March 16, 2022.

Man charged with the violation of trust: 

A P.E.I. judge says sharing personal photos without consent amounts to a violation of trust that deserves prison time.

Judge Nancy Orr commented Wednesday in the regional court in Charlottetown as she condemned a Stratford guy to 90 days of house arrest.

“It’s a violation of trust… an illegal offense — and for a good reason,” said Orr.

Kenneth James Pound, 44, had earlier pleaded condemnable to the crime under Section 162 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Previous August, Pound sent two naked pictures of an ex-partner to a male relative of the victim, using a social media private message function.

The court was informed that Pound had constant battles with the targeted woman. 

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I tried to pull back the photos

Kenneth James Pound, 44, had earlier pleaded condemnable to the crime under Section 162

Crown prosecutor John Diamond reported that just after sending the pictures, Pound had unsuccessfully tried to “recall” the photos from the recipient to undo the damage he had induced.

When faced by RCMP, Pound turned over all the other naked photos of the woman in his control, and they were deleted.

During sentencing arguments, Pound’s lawyer Scott Barry told out that the woman had “willingly shared the images” with his client earlier in their relationship.

But the judge ignored any indication that her doing so lessened the seriousness of what Pound last did. 

Instead, Pound was an “ex intimate partner is an annoying factor,” said Orr.

Crown wanted weekends in prison.

The Crown prosecutor had wanted Pound to be condemned to a custodial ruling of 90 days in the Provincial Correctional Centre, with time to be served on weekends.

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