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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Gas price up on P.E.I.


Key takeaways: 

  • Heating oil and diesel prices are unaffected.
  • With gas costs increasing, many Islanders are trying to find ways to restrict their visits to the pumps.

The cost of gas increased again on P.E.I. Friday morning.

The lowest price at the pump for a liter of self-serve gasoline increased 3.9 cents to $2.09. Heating oil and diesel costs did not change.

This was the regularly scheduled cost review from the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission. The gas price is marginally below the record high of $2.10, set before this month.

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The cost of gas increased again on P.E.I. Friday morning

Prices for petroleum goods have been driving up since the attack on Ukraine by Russia at the end of February. But less refining capacity coming out of the outbreak, which has let refineries increase earnings margins, is also a significant factor.

Records were also set for diesel and heating oil costs in May. The diesel price was $2.53, and heating oil was $2.14. Both have seen significant declines since, with diesel set at $2.13 and heating oil at $1.67.

Gas has not seen the same large swings but has been on a largely steady rise upwards through the month.

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