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Fire destroys Summerside fish market


Key takeaways: 

  • It’s not known if Waddells Fish Mart is a complete loss.
  • Fire officers say they could get a fire at a Summerside fish market under management within an hour.

Fire at the Summerside fish market: 

Fire-induced substantial damage to Waddells Fish Mart in Summerside Saturday evening.

Summerside Fire Chief Ron Enman states the ring came in about 9 p.m.

“We had plenty of heavy smoke and some visual flames in the front portion of the structure,” he declared.

Enman said it took about an hour to bring the fire under management, but there were still some hotfixes.

Dense black smoke loaded the air in Summerside Saturday night. 

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Summerside fish market damaged by Fire

“We left a team on for the night, and the fire marshal’s office came in the morning,” he stated.

It’s unknown if the structure is a complete loss, Enman stated. The fire marshal’s office persists in probing.

The building is divided into three areas, Enman said. He said the front of the structure is heavily destroyed but is uncertain regarding its remainder.

“The owner of the business was here on stage … and you just can’t support but feel for them,” Enman stated. 

Jon Waddell, the owner of the market, said he’d wait for more details regarding the condition of the building before he chooses what his following measures will be.

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