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Crapaud funeral home being probed for accusations of financial irregularities


Key takeaways: 

  • The RCMP Crime branch probe covers prearranged funerals done from 1998 to 2021.
  • PEI. RCMP requests anyone who prearranged funeral pays to Dawson Funeral Home between 1998 and 2021 to reach their regional RCMP office. 

Investigations ongoing on Crapaud Funeral home: 

A funeral home in Crapaud, Prince Edward Island, is under an RCMP probe for accusations of financial irregularities. 

Previous August, police complained that funds delivered to Dawson Funeral Home for prearranged funerals were not in trust, which is needed under regional legislation. The funeral home is now shut, and RCMP states the money is unaccounted for.

“We showed some documents through investigational processes that led us to consider that the Dawson Funeral Home in Crapaud is alleged to be cheating some of their clients regarding prearranged funerals,” RCMP Sgt. Chris Gunn stated. Source –

The PEI., Prearranged Funeral Services Act declares that “the seller of a prearranged funeral plan must put the funds into a trust account within 30 days of signing an arrangement with a customer.” Source –

According to Gunn, the probe covers prearranged funeral payments from 1998 to 2021, which could be “dozens or near to a 100” funerals.   Source –

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RCMP investigates Crapaud funeral Home for its financial irregularities

PEI. RCMP stated its pities with alleged victims tied to the probe.

“These are very personal crimes. These individuals are attempting to plan their future, helping their family out, and maybe the trust has been violated, and they may be out the cash and the plan right now,” he stated. Source –

The PEI. Funeral Services and Professions Board assists the RCMP’s Major Crime Unit probe and has eradicated Dawson Funeral Home’s license. The board will also conduct its separate investigation on the funeral home.

CBC News called out to Dawson Funeral Home, but they denied to comment.

PEI. RCMP requests anyone who prearranged funeral between 1998 and 2021 to contact their provincial RCMP office.

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