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Climate shuts and postpones schools in western PEI.


Key takeaways: 

  • Snow, rain, and wind alert blanket PEI. 
  • A wintery mix of climate directed to a pause in opening some schools on the Island Tuesday morning. 

Climatic conditions delays reopening of schools: 

A messy, dirty day is in store for individuals who stay on PEI. 

A snowfall alert for Prince County and rain and wind warnings for Kings and Queens could make for a problematic cleanup by Tuesday’s end of the day. 

The weather directed to the school being revoked for students in the Westisle family and at Pierre-Chiasson. After a one-hour postpone in the Three Oaks, Kensington, and Kinkora families of schools and at Evangeline and Sur-Mer, school is going ahead.

Snow will begin Tuesday morning in Prince County, then switch to rain in the afternoon, then reverse back to snow in the evening, before tapering to showers Wednesday morning. 

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Climatic conditions in PEI to get worsened

This climate could make the journey challenging. 

“The streets will fast decline today,” told CBC meteorologist Tina Simpkin. “Depending on where you are on the Island, the snowfall capacity is going to vary, west to east.” Source –

Environment Canada is alerting hefty rain in Kings and Queens, with absolute amounts up to 30 millimeters. The alarm also stated that the frozen ground has less ability to grip rainfall, so there is a chance of flooding in low-lying regions. 

“It’s going to make cleanup problematic to do tomorrow,” Simpkin said.  Source –

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