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Breadalbane citizen pitches worries regarding the dependability of landlines


Key takeaways: 

  • The previous two winter storms have forced outages in the Breadalbane region.
  • Alex Patterson states she fears what would occur in an emergency when her landline is out.

The dependability of landline: 

A lady in rural P.E.I. is anxious regarding the dependability of her landline service, particularly in case of emergency.

Alex Patterson stays on Dixon Road in Breadalbane, P.E.I. She stated she fears seniors in the region when they lose service because they may not access cell phones.

“The truth is the wireless services in our respective place are awful,” she stated. “I have a cellphone, and I can’t operate it. Source –

“One of our fundamental problems is in terms of … a fire and policing point of view, that there was simply no way for us to get out to anyone for emergency service.” Source –

Patterson stated she first lost assistance two weeks ago during a snowstorm.

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PEI residents facing problems regarding landlines

She gained service back for a day and a half five days later but failed it two days later in another snowstorm. She stated her landline through Bell Aliant hadn’t operated for 12 of the previous 14 days.

“Neighbours on my route, I know at least five or six that were without it for that same period.” Source –

Internet service was still open in the region. Patterson and other community members placed up a group on social media to remain in touch.

“That became the mechanism where we kept in touch with each other and allowed each other to know how we were,” she stated. Source –

“Other neighbors just had no mechanism for getting out.” Source –

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