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Biden will host Trudeau and Lopez Obrador at the White House on Nov. 18

Canada, the United States and Mexico are noticing the band back together. U.S. President Joe Biden will host PM Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador at the White House following week, the initial gathering of the so-called Three Amigos since the rise of the Donald Trump era five years before.

The Nov. 18 meeting, formally identified as the North American Administrators’ Summit, was a yearly tradition for the three leaders that started in 2005 until a lengthy hiatus coincided with Trump’s election as leader in 2016.
It will also be Trudeau’s first in-person talk to the U.S. capital as Biden became president in January.
“Advantages include achieving the fight on COVID-19, getting the work done on vaccines, stopping the weather crisis, building new middle-class works, building an economic improvement that works for everyone, and movement,” the Prime Minister’s Office said in a report.

Canada, in particular, has a lot it needs to speak about.
High on Trudeau’s checklist will be opening Canadian complaints about a recommended tax credit for American-made electric transportations, part of the Biden administration’s ambitious financial and cultural spending set known as the Build Back Better Act.
Critics say the account, worth as much as US$12,500 to new-car customers in the U.S., would give an improper benefit to Big Three automakers and ruin the highly mixed auto production process that exists between the two nations.
That criticism fits Canada’s broader matters about Biden’s powerful Buy American speech, which involves a more rigorous vetting method for international contractors and suppliers looking to gain a generational effort to improve U.S. infrastructure.
“The really valuable opportunity for Canada is to assist explain, in the interest of the current U.S. politics, why financial union helps advance the U.S. agenda,” stated Maryscott Greenwood, CEO of the Canadian American Business Council.

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