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Adele joked that her kid Angelo isn’t a big fan of her music: ‘He doesn’t actually care’

Since her debut with 19 in 2008, Adele has gained a legion of fans across the world with her booming, expressive singing voice.

When she was explaining to Zane Lowe why she doesn’t care about catering to TikTok and commodifying her music to appeal to a younger age, she fell out laughing and acknowledged, “I mean, Angelo isn’t a fan of mine.”

Adele went on to say that Angelo, whom she shares with ex-husband Simon Konecki, equates the term “rolling in the deep” with Masked Wolf’s “Astronaut In The Ocean,” not with her Grammy-winning song of the same name from 2010.

She went on to say, “He doesn’t really care.” “It’s excellent.”

Adele clarified with Lowe that 30, her fourth studio album, is “for my son, for Angelo” and that there is a single titled “My Little Love” that is specifically about Angelo.

“My Little Love” contains “snippets of talks she had with Angelo” that were “recorded at her therapist’s recommendation” during what Adele dubbed her “Year of Anxiety” around her divorce from Konecki according to Adele’s Vogue cover story.

“I felt I had to express [Angelo’s] story in a song,” Adele told Lowe of the day she wrote “My Little Love” in Los Angeles, “because it was evident he was suffering [the implications of her unhappiness], even though I thought I was doing a great job of being like, ‘Everything’s fantastic!'” I was also aware that I wasn’t being as present as I could be.

I was present in the sense that I was present in real life, but I wasn’t actually there. He got up the guts to declare to me, “You’re virtually a ghost,” because I was just so occupied by so many things, so many different feelings. It’s as though you’re not even here… I was brokenhearted when he said, “I can’t see you,” to my face as a small child.”

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