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Lucy Hale attends yoga classes in Los Angeles wearing a sweater and leggings

Lucy Hale

On Saturday morning, Lucy Hale was spotted heading to a yoga class in Los Angeles.

While holding a yoga mat and making her way inside a private facility, the 32-year-old artist cut a very fashionable figure.

After promoting her latest venture on Instagram, she stayed warm by picking up an iced coffee in the cool Southern California weather.

Hale remained warm in the late-fall weather by wearing a beautiful leopard-printed semi-zip sweater.

Katy Keene paired her top with a pair of form-fitting black leggings that accentuated her toned figure.

The singer-songwriter dressed down with a pair of fuzzy sandals that gave a pop of colour to her ensemble.

She wore a yellow purse slung over her left arm and wore a nice pair of tinted sunglasses.

During her outing, Hale’s lovely dark brown locks were pulled back into a tight ponytail.

When she was around other people, she wore a patterned face covering.

On Saturday morning, the actress posted many photographs on her Instagram account to promote her freshly released film The Hating Game.

In two of her photos, the artist sported a stunning custom-made bright red lipstick that stood out.

Hale also included a brief message in which she emphasised her desire to give her character a distinctive look.

‘It was incredibly crucial to me that we designed the appropriate “flamethrower” lip colour for Lucy Hutton in the Hating Game,’ she said in part.

Lucy Hale

The romantic comedy film is based on the same-named book by Sally Thorne, which was published in 2016.

The storey revolves around two coworkers who aim to outperform each other in their career pursuits while suppressing their romantic feelings.

Actors such as Austin Stowell, Damon Daunno, and Corbin Bernsen also appear in the film alongside Hale.

The Hating Game was released earlier this month and has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 82 per cent.

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